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Price for a 2 hour VIP session

4 – 5 ppl: 450 dkk

6 – 7 ppl: 400 dkk

8 – 10 ppl: 350 dkk

Price is per person. All gear included 


We customize the two hours for you. Examples: Basic Course, Intermediate course, SUP surf, SUP Yoga, Race, Relay. 

Recommended for families, groups of friends, businesses. 

Reserve your VIP session here

Sign up by sending us a request. This is just a request and not a booking. Once we confirm your request we will put you on the Schedule and send you the course information. We strive to answer your request within 24 hours.

Who can join?

SUP is for everyone between the ages of 6 – 80..So lets go!

 Requirement for the basic SUP course is that you can swim 200 meters and that you are minimum 12 years old.

We recommend families with kids below age 12 to sign up for a VIP course, as we have no minimum age requirement in those courses. We still require that they can swim 200 meters. 

Rent a SUP

We rent out boards in Klintholm Havn and Ulvshale beach

We always recommend taking a SUP course before renting gear

What should i bring?


  • swim clothes
  • towel and sunblock
  • hat and/ or sun glasses

It is a good idea to bring some snacks and water to have after the adventure is over. We will provide all SUP grear and safety gear. Our students are required to wear life jackets. 

Get ready to get wet and have fun!

Do I need a SUP course?

We always recommend taking a SUP course before renting or buying your own gear. Here are some questions to ask yourself before going out on your own:

  • I can keep my balance on the board even with smaller waves
  • I know how to go upwind without problems 
  • I know how to get up on the board in deep water
  • I know which weather conditions are safe and unsafe for SUP
  • I´m ready to take 100% responsibility for myself and the gear
  • I know what to do if i drift far out from shore
  • I know how to make a power turn
  • I know how to get to the next level in SUP

If these questions left you looking like a question mark, please sign up for a basic or VIP course. This ensures your safety and that your passion for the sport continues!

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Email: info@moensurf.dk

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