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Rapid progression - 100% personalized!

VIP - private course

1 person x 2 hours: 1299 dkk

1 person x 3 hours: 1750 dkk

 1 person 10 hours: 4900 dkk

– includes diploma


The private lessons are 100% adapted to you. 

Everyone learns at a different pace and this is the course if you are serious about becoming a sufficient and safe kitesurfer 

The provate course is suitable for complete beginners, as a brush up course or for intermediate kiters who have a specific goal. 


Request a VIP course

Once we have your information we will contact you to confirm the time and date of your course. 


Good to know 

Who can join this course?

Anyone can learn how to kitesurf!

You need to be a sufficient and safe swimmer. 

If you are younger than 16 years old your parents need to be present the whole course. 

Kitesurfing is fun and safe – as long as you take a course with a proffesional and experienced instructor!

Can i just buy my own gear and try on my own? NO! This is extremely dangerous!

What should i bring?

Bring swimsuit/ waterwear for wearing under the wetsuit

A hat or sunglasses are reccomended


Warm clothes for breaks and the land lesson (we mean WARM clothes, bring you winter jacket even in july! Staying warm is very important)

Some snacks or a lunch

Plenty of drinking water

We provide the rest!


Email: info@moensurf.dk

Phone: 0045 26236010

Address: Klintholn havn, Borre

CVR: 40443169

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Opening Hours 

Shop opens May 1st 2021!

The opening hours will be every weekend from May 1st til June 19th

Open every day from june 19th until october the 3 rd

The Surfschool is open from 1st of April until october 30th