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Rent a SUP

Rent a SUP and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Klintholm Havn.

We always reccomend you to take a basic or VIP course before you rent on your own. If you can answer yes to these questions you are good to go: 

  • I can keep my balance on the board even with smaller waves
  • I know how to go upwind with no problems
  • I know how to get up on the board in deep water
  • I know which weather conditions are safe and unsafe for SUP
  • I’m ready to take 100% responsibility for myself and the gear
  • I know what to do if i drift far out from shore
  • I know how to make a power turn
  • I know how to get to the next level in SUP

If these questions left you looking like a question mark, please sign up for a basic or VIP course. This ensures your safety and that your passion for the sport continues! 


1 board, 1 vest, 1 paddle: 225 dkk for 2 hours.

Rent a board by showing up at our surf shop in Klintholm Havn.

You can also book by email.

It is not possible to take the boards to other locations. Everyone must provide ID and sign a rental agreement.

Request SUP rental

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Email: info@moensurf.dk

Phone: 0045 26236010

Address:  Klintholn havn, Borre

CVR: 40443169

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Shop opens May 1st 2021!

The opening hours will be every weekend from May 1st til June 19th

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The Surfschool is open from 1st of April until october 30th