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Welcome to Denmark's Kitesurf Paradise

Kitesurf camp

Beginner group course 750 dkk per person

The beginner group course allows you to get a proper taste of kitesurfing. You need to be a group of minimum 3 to book this course.

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kitesurf girl

Semiprivate Courses from 1200 dkk per person

The semiprivate courses are the most recommended way to learn. Two students on instructor. Team up with a friend, or let us find you a partner 

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Kite surfing

All in - Full Beginner Course from 3199 per person

Choose this course if you are serious about becoming a kitesurfer! We take you from zero to hero in 10 hours. 

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Kitesurf progression

VIP - Private Courses from 1299

Get the fastest progression with a private lesson.

This course is suitable for beginner/intermediate kitesurfers as well as a refresher course.”  

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5 years ago, I had decided to travel to Brasil and spend my holidays learning to kitesurf.
I met this amazing Norwegian-American couple, who introduced me to the world of kiting. They were guiding me through every step of my beginner course with patience, support and good vibes. From the first moment on, I felt safe and confident with them. They taught me everything, from the first flying of the kite to sliding transition. A year later, I joined them in Tarifa where they motivated me to keep on learning new things and help me with my first jumps. 5 years later, I am a kite instructor myself. And until now, I still carry with me the stoke and love for this sport, that Kesia and Patrick shared with me in Brasil.
For anyone who would like to take his/her first steps in kitesurfing, improve the riding style or go for some sick unhooked tricks, I would recommend to visit them in Denmark in their kite school.
Anja Gvozdanovič

Kite student

Definitely the best kite instructors I ever had! Really bosted my progression! 10/10

Martin Aar Haugdal

Kite student

Who can join?

ssAnyone can learn how to kitesurf!

You need to be a sufficient and safe swimmer. 

If you are younger than 16 years old, your parents need to be present the whole course. 

Kitesurfing is fun and safe – as long as you take a course with a professional and experienced instructor!

Can i just buy my own gear and try on my own? NO! This is extremely dangerous!

What do I need

Bring swimsuit/ waterwear for wearing under the wetsuit

A hat or sunglasses are recommended


Warm clothes for breaks and the land lesson (we mean WARM clothes, bring you winter jacket even in July! Staying warm is very important)

Some snacks or a lunch

Plenty of drinking water

We provide the rest!

Get in touch

Where we teach

We teach 75 % of the lessons in Kitespot Farø, this is right by the highway exit to Bogø and Møn. It is one of the best kitesurf spots in Denmark!

The Klintholm Havn beach spot is great when the wind is blowing from the south. It has a beautiful wide beach and it has nice clean waves. Perfect if you would like to manage open water kitesurfing!

When you book your course, your instructor will arrange the meeting spot.


Email: info@moensurf.dk

Phone: +45 26236010

Address: Thyravej 15, Klintholm Havn 

CVR: 40443169

About us

Conditions/ Forretningsbetingelser 

Opening Hours

Open every day from june 25th until Suptember 12th

09.00 – 16.00

The Surfschool is open from 1st of April until october 30th