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All in - 10 hour beginner course

2 ppl 10 hours (semiprivate)

3199 dkk per person

– Includes a diploma


1 person 10 hours (private)

4900 dkk

This course takes you from Zero to hero in 10 hours! 

– Includes a diploma



First 4 hours:

Theory, set up.

Safety instructions

Kite control in the water

Body dragging

Board introduction

Over all safety

The next 6 hours of your couse we will focus on:

Board and kite control


Riding longer stretches

Lauching and landing

Over all safety

Independance training

Gear choice

Spot reccomendations

Reserve a 10 hour beginner course

The semiprivate course is for two people. If there are less than two signed up we will offer you a VIP private course.

The Private VIP lessons are for one person. 

If you are booking the semiprivate course with a friend they also have to fill out the form. Write thier name in the comment box so that we know you booked it together.

Reserve a full course here:

Good to know 

Who can join this course?

Anyone can learn how to kitesurf!

You need to be a sufficient and safe swimmer. 

If you are younger than 16 years old your parents need to be present the whole course. 

Kitesurfing is fun and safe – as long as you take a course with a proffesional and experienced instructor!

Can i just buy my own gear and try on my own? NO! This is extremely dangerous!

What should i bring?

Bring swimsuit/ waterwear for wearing under the wetsuit

A hat or sunglasses are reccomended


Warm clothes for breaks and the land lesson (we mean WARM clothes, bring you winter jacket even in july! Staying warm is very important)

Some snacks or a lunch

Plenty of drinking water

We provide the rest!


Email: info@moensurf.dk

Phone: +45 26236010

Address: Klintholm Havn, Møn

CVR: 40443169

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